Internal Rules

A healthy coexistence is key for the success of the football campus and everyone’s enjoyment. In order to achieve this value the organisation expects all participants to behave responsibly and adhere to the following
rules and code of conduct:

1. – Respect all individuals that participate, directly or indirectly, in the organisation of this campus.

2. – Respect the time schedule and planning of the activities.

3. – Stay at the facilities at all times, not leaving under any circumstances, and communicating to the management team any early departing needs.

4. – Smoking and alcohol drinking are strictly prohibited.

5. – Treat the facilities with due care, not damaging objects or facilities.

6. – Fighting, intimidation, bullying or insults will not be tolerated.

7. – Do not take any items from other participants without asking permission.

The breach or non fulfilment of any of these rules or similar ones will be a motive for reprimand or expulsion.

Further, we suggest:

Do not bring valuable objects (chains, rings, bracelets…) which can get lost.
Do not bring money (try to keep the pocket money low).
Each boy will be assigned to a responsible teacher and he will maintain him informed about any kind of incidents