Our Goals

The management team have set the following goals for the duration of the campus

blending sports, fun and team work for everyone to enjoy as mush as possible:

To develop in a fun way the coordination capacity applied to football based on technical elements of this sport.


To raise awareness for the children on the importance of nature through different activities designed for this purpose.


To strengthen team work and friendship through daily interaction and game play.

More specific about football and with the goal of improving our technique:

  • Correction of the most common individual technical-tactical errors.
  • To develop the vision of game and the motor intelligence, through specific games.
  • To achieve, through circuits, the improvement of all technical and physical foundations.
  • Learn to play as a team.
  • Develop specific training for goalkeepers.
  • Know and enjoy with the presence and teaching of coaches, players and former players of national and international leading.