Football Campus directed by Adolfo Aldana

Current coach of Andalucia
Our newly created campus has become in only four years, since 2004 to 2007, a great reference not only at local and regional but also national level. This is due to the human effort of the people who coordinate it, the magnificent installations where the training sessions take place, the variety of alternative activities and adventures, the participation and visits of important professionals, and of course, the high level of satisfaction that the children and their parents show us with their trust.

This project, born in July 2004, has involved more than 300 children in two years, an important number considering that there where limited inscriptions available. This number shows the enormous interest focused on our football camp which has emerged with great strength in the National football world.

The training sessions take place at the MPF-Marbella (Marbella Paradise of Football) in the urbanization La Quinta. This first class high performance training centre is specialised in football at professional level and it is recognised as one of the best installations in Europe. The children will train on the same installations where teams like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmunt, Parma Dinamo Kiev and many others do.


Special guests will join us – professional and retired football players as also coaches – who will share their experiences with us and will give formative speeches to the youngsters. Some of these professional who have already been with us are: Vicente del Bosque, Fabio Capello, Donato, Luque, Julio Llorente, Martín Vázquez, Fernando Sanz, Manu Sanchez, Santiago Aragón…


The training sessions take place during 3 hours in the mornings (technical and theoretical speech, assimilation of the concepts and practical part, breakfast…). Each group will work on its technique and matches and small tournaments will take place during the last 45 minutes of the training.

There will be a 20 minutes break before the matches where the children recover strength with isotonic beverages and fruit.

We hope that you join us in order to strengthen,

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Adolfo Aldana

Manager of the Campus