Campus II July 2005

More than one hundred boys between the ages of 8 and 15 participated from July 22 to 31 at the II Campus of Football and Adventure Marbella 2005 held at the facilities of MPF (Marbella Paradaise Football).

Vicente del Bosque, accompanied by his inseparable Toni Grande, and Fabio Capello, two of the best coaches in the world, winners of a multitude of titles and competitions were present at the MPF facilities to share a day with the participants, who showed their knowledge Of football and its lack of confidence and boldness when asking questions committed to the guests. At the same time, both Capello and Del Bosque showed, with much affection and kindness, some of their best teachings, and they have led them to train players of the world-class of Zidane, Ronaldo, Van Basten, Baresi, Roberto Carlos, Raúl … Two authentic soccer symbols and banners that delighted both young and old. Without forgetting another great, Gabriel Humberto Calderón, former Argentine player and who has been one of the greatest players of the Real Betis Balompié, and current coach of Saudi Arabia, selection classified for World-wide the 2006 to celebrate in Germany and that during a morning transmitted To the young aspects of football’s past and present.

If we add the quality of exjugadores and players present: Jaime Molina (Numancia), Rafael Martín Vázquez (Real Madrid and Deportivo, among others), Paco Gémez (Rayo, Deportivo and Zaragoza), Julio Llorente (Real Madrid and Tenerife) , Santi Aragón (Real Madrid and Zaragoza), Fran (Deportivo de la Coruña), Sebastián Losada (Real Madrid, Spanish and Athletic), along with one of the Campus directors, former international player Adolfo Aldana (Real Madrid, Deportivo y Spanish) complete a poster difficult to overcome and that make this Campus one of the referents within our country. The boys have been able to see how big names in professional football have helped to correct technical aspects, especially, in addition to receiving a sustained teaching in the collective sense of football with methods based on football intelligence.